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Howell PTA Sponsored Weight Loss Challenge
Results Are In!

Individual Results
Most waist inches lost - Hillary lost 6.75 inches
Most Fat % lost - Selda lost 2.8%
Most muscle % gain - Brad gained 5%
Most weight lost - Renee lost 14.8lbs
Iron man award -
Male - Brad
Female - Jocelyn 
Grand Price Winner
Most Weight Loss Percent - Renee McKee lost 6.7%
School Results
Most members in challenge
Aldrich 21, Newbury 14, Taunton 13, Memorial and Greibling 4
Most weight loss percent average - Memorial/Greibling
Money raised per school
Aldrich = $1179.5
Newbury = $739
Taunton = $690.5
Memorial/Greibling = $354

Read Dr. Tony's Announcement About Moving to Howell

Bitter Sweet Announcement

For the past three or so years I've been really trying hard to find a suitable space Read More....

Our Philosophy

Hard Core Fit is a personalized group fitness center. We focus on the individuals health goals which include nutrition, diet, weight/fat loss, lifestyle change, motivation, support, fitness, strength, toning and injury prevention. We provide our members with more than any typical gym membership could!

Why Work Out With Us

We do not believe that one size fits all.  We have fun running adult classes 18 and up, youth classes 14-17 and athletes 12 and up. We also specialize in athletic training and have full and complete advanced sports and team training programs.  We guide you through our workouts each time you join us so that we can help you get the most out of your membership.

Team Workouts

Hard Core Fit’s Advanced Sports Training Program (ASTP) is second to none. It is specifically designed for athletes to improve strength, speed, quicknesspower, explosiveness, cardio, balance, coordination and mental toughness. Most  importantly it is designed to prevent injuries.

Meet Dr. Tony Riello


After graduating chiropractic school in 1996 I was ready to set the world on fire and heal the world. After about 10 years of running a successful chiropractic practice I started to see changes in the industry, insurance changes, policy changes and a mentality change.  I found it much harder to realize my mission- to assist people to get healthy.  People were not looking to get “healthy” through chiropractic care. They wanted relief from Back and neck pain. Gone were the days of healing through chiropractic care. I needed to find another way to do what truly made me happy, and realize my life’s mission.

In 2009 I severely injured my Lower Back playing tennis.  I  suffered in pain for the next two years wearing back braces, icing, heating, stretching, getting chiropractic adjustments, doing physical therapy, and medical intervention all the while continuing to adjust my patients.  Unfortunately, absolutely nothing helped my back and I found myself facing the reality that I would need to retire from chiropractic as my back could no longer handle adjusting patients on a daily basis.   In 2011, a friend of mine introduced me to a new way of training it included functional training, joint stability
training, and core fitness training. This new way of training fit my mentality and philosophy of healing the body inside and out and from top to bottom.   In February 2011 I began training my whole body functionally creating core strength and stability.  After only two months I saw such dramatic results in the healing of my own body that I knew I had to share this style with the public.  It was at that point I began theorizing the future Hard-Core Fit.  Within eight months on November 7th, 2011 Hard-Core Fit officially opened.

The day my doors to my training facility opened, I realized that fitness was going to be my future and would allow me to realize my mission.  I am now 100% fully engaged in helping people get healthy through fitness.

We are open six days a week and are committed to our members Health and wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hard Core Fit?

Do you really want results and need someone to show you how to get them?  Are you stuck in a rut?  Maybe you have never worked out before and need help.  You need that extra motivation?  You want a more fun environment?  You want nutritional support and education?  You need support and guidance? Then Hard-Core Fit may be the answer. Hard-Core Fit is a personalized group fitness center.  We have a system that gives a tailored plan of workouts utilizing the most advanced sports training methods and cutting edge personal training techniques that can be easily brought down or up to your fitness level.

The workouts concentrate on your Core, Joint Stability, Balance, Cardio and Strength. They are all designed by our founder, Dr. Tony Riello.  Professionals guide you through each workout, assisting you with your form and motivating along the way. This gets you the personal attention you may have been looking for.

How did Hard Core Fit get its name?

Hard-Core Fit stands for having a hard core and being fit. The main premise behind our staple strength and conditioning class (The Hard-Core Fit Class) is to go through a series of exercises that will build lean muscle mass, burn unwanted fat and generate a rock hard core.

How did Hard Core Fit come to be?

Dr. Tony Riello, founded HCF out of necessity and interest.  He had been struggling with back pain for years and needed to make some drastic changes. He knew that to overcome this he had to get in shape and more importantly, get his Core into shape. After investigating, he found and was inspired by a totally new way of working out. A way to work your core and the rest of your body at the same time. Also he found you can do it in such a way as to work your cardio and amplify your VO2 max (cardiovascular capacity). This appealed to him because he disliked working out gym style, loathed to run long distances and detested doing sit ups. This workout allowed him to avoid the things he did not like and formulated a system that is fun and extremely effective.

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What Other Are Saying

“Awesome. It worked every part of my body I need for soccer.”
Nicole (17) Award Winning High School Varsity Goalie

“The workout was so fun and fast-paced, I had no time to think about the fact that I was actually getting a great workout.  It was the best work out I have ever had and I have been to many personal trainers and many boot camps.  This by far exceeds them all in every way.” 
Lauren F.  (34) ( Fitness enthusiast)

“This is the program I have been waiting for, more efficient and effective than anything I can do in a gym.”
Ray K. (25) (Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM)

“As a Varsity Lacrosse player, i was looking for that extra edge and was not finding it in the gym. In just one week my balance,coordination,and strength has greatly improved doing the Hard Core Fit work out.”
Dom D.  (17) (Varsity Lacrosse Player)

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About Us

Hard-core fit is a personalized group fitness center.  We focus on the individuals health goals which include nutrition, diet, weight/fat loss, lifestyle change, motivation, support,  fitness, strength, toning and injury prevention.  We have fun running adult classes 18 and up, youth classes 14-17 and athletes 12 and up.  We also specialize in athletic training and have a full and complete advanced sports and team training program.

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