Dr. Tony’s Announcement About Moving to Howell!

Bitter Sweet Announcement

HCF MapFor the past three or so years I’ve been really trying hard to find a suitable space to move the gym into and get out of the current situation that I’m in now. It’s been quite challenging to say the least. Brick is a pretty difficult place when it comes to rents and leases and dealing with landlords for whatever reason. Nothing ever just seemed to work out, the rent was either too high, location not proper, ceiling heights not appropriate etc. etc.However, I recently fell into a really good situation for me, my business and my family. I found a wonderful space that provides plenty of parking, a clean environment, a great landlord, and a suitable rent rate. The only hiccough is that it’s not in Brick. With dumb luck I found a space three minutes from my house in Howell. Last week I entered into a contract to lease a new space in the candlewood shopping centers in Howell.

Although this is a great opportunity for me I’m sure many of my current members will not be happy with this decision. I definitely want to apologize but the opportunity is too good to pass up.

As of August 22 Saturday the gym will officially close. At that point I will start moving all of my equipment etc. out of the current space in Brick and into storage awaiting the new facility being prepared now.

If my current members are at all interested in going to the new facility in Howell hear some great facts. Aside from what I’ve already told you about the facility being a tremendous upgrade from what we are now we will also have additional work out times added to the schedule and a trial offer.

We will have two early-morning sessions at approximately 5:15 AM and 6:10 AM. We will also have two later sessions at 8:45 AM and 9:40 AM. To add to this I’m adding a 4 PM session to help teachers and those that work midnight shifts get in their workouts. Evening sessions and Saturday sessions will be similar as they are now.
I’m also changing the review to begin at the session time not before like now. So if session is at 6 pm the review will start at 6 pm.

Also, if you are local to the Brick gym and a current member (Brick, Toms River, Lakewood) I’m going to offer a special promotional to anybody who wishes to try the Howell facility when we open hopefully mid September. (check with me on that)

This obviously is a bittersweet decision for me I’m very excited for the potential of the new facility however I am upset knowing that some of my current members may not be able to follow. It’s been a true pleasure serving them and I will continue to do my job to the fullest until we officially closed in August.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their service, their business and there friendship and I hope we can continue to do amazing things together.

In health –

Dr. Tony Riello.