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Bobby Reynolds

"After many years of training, Hard Core Fit offers a one of a kind high intensity, diverse full body training program that allows for significant increases in strength and cardio fitness. Dr. Tony's fitness advice has helped me reach a whole new level with my tennis game. His expertise has helped create a solid foundation of speed, strength and agility that I can build upon to reach my ultimate athletic ability."


Bobby Reynolds

Professional Tennis Player with the ATP

- 2 time All American Vanderbilt

- #1 ranked college player 2003

- #63 highest singles ranking in World 2009

- #46 highest doubles ranking in world 2009

- 1 ATP tour title

- most challenger titles by any player ever singles/dubs


After a short meeting with Dr. Tony Riello I knew Hard-Core Fit was the place that I wanted to take my whole team.  We have trained at other local gyms and academy's the past two offseasons but did not have a detailed program that was baseball oriented.  Dr. Tony, with a few minor tweaks, was able to tailor his HCF program specifically to our needs as baseball players.  We have seen major improvements in the areas of shoulder and hip joint integrity, core stability, strength, hitting power, balance, and quickness, but to my surprise the boys have made huge strides in one of the most important areas - Mental Toughness.  Also, due to the emphasis placed on core strength and joint stability I love how it is helping us prevent injuries on the field.   This was another aspect that I was particularly interested in and the HCF program certainly does just that.


DR. Tony and his staff are able to provide knowledge as well as excellent individualized motivation to our very diverse groups of kids.  After just three months in the program I am amazed with our results.  The boys exude a confidence that was not there before.  I fully endorse this program not only for my athletes and other athletes and sports by for myself.  I have been a member at Hard Core Fit for a couple months and I am ecstatic at the results I am seeing.  I only wish I had access to this type of training program when I was an athlete in High School and College.


Evan Rizzitello

Brick Memorial Head Baseball Coach

HCF Member since Jan 14'

I am not sure exactly where to start...I have known Dr. Tony very well for over a decade now.  First off, his attention to detail and desire for excellence is outstanding!  When you couple that with a program design that gives people what they want (weight loss, looking great and feeling great) and what they need (joint mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, power, functional stability, core strength, metabolic conditioning, cardio, massive neurological proprioceptive input, corrective pattern exercises, high intensity interval training, and good old fashioned motivation and sweat!) you have an invaluable service and product that creates real fitness and performance from the inside out!  Simply put, Hard-Core Fit produces unbelievable results!!!

Not to mention the group concept which encourages members to give a solid effort, along with the inspiring instruction that Dr. Tony delivers...who wouldn't want something that packages all this?

The program at Hard-Core fit is a must experience...get your 30 Day Trial Started Today!!!

Scott Lloyd, DC, CCWP

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Temple's Senior Jumper/Sprinter Tim Boeni

"Hard-core fit is an outstanding program. The program helps to build strength and explosiveness, cardio, and core-stability all in one, high-intensity session. Being an athlete training for the Olympic Trials, I need to use a program like this to supplement what I do on the track. It is also set-up to where anyone, at any level of fitness, can get great results."


Tim Boeni (25)  (Long Jump Olympic hopeful)

-Atlantic 10 Indoor and Outdoor records holder in long jump

-2010 indoor USA national championships, 8th place

-Shore Athletic Club college athlete of the year, 2010

-Temple University 4x100m record holder

-2009 and 2010 Most Outstanding Performer"



"This is the program I have been waiting for, more efficient and effective than anything I can do in a gym."

Ray K. (25) (Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM)