A prospective member must all go through an orientation process before attending any of our sessions and taking advantage of your 30 Day Trial.  This orientation is to familiarize future members with many of the exercises and proper use of the equipment in the facility, not to mention a description of how the sessions are run, types of programs we offer and how we do our warm ups.  This process ensures a successful first session and your safety!

Everyone, regardless of your experience must watch the orientation video on this page.  EVERYONE!  Getting familiar with our facility helps you have a better experience and also prevents injury to you or our members.

The Orientation Video can be found by Clicking Here.

Click and Watch the 30 minute video and practice as much as you need until you feel comfortable enough to attend a session.

Things to remember before taking your first session:

  1. Contact us -
    Click the 30 Day Trial session registration link below to get your 30 Day Trial Started.  Or  call us at 732-840-8422 to let us know you are interested in trying out our sessions.
  2. Dress Appropriately in work out attire. Men must have a short or long sleeve. Have appropriate footwear, a sneaker of some sort.
  3. Print out the membership paperwork (link is below) and fill out the front page including the top, the waiver and initial the bottom. Bring that to your first session.
  4. Our mission is the help you get healthy but our first priority is SAFETY!