Functional Training System

All of our programs use the Functional Training System as the basis of your workouts.  The general tone of a functional training system is to condition the body using movements that are functional to life. Whether it be using your body as weight, resistance bands or weights themselves the objective is to get the body strong in a way that will enhance the activities of daily living. It will also get you into tremendous condition do to the interval style training we use at the Hard-core Fit training facility.

Group Personal Training (GPT)

This is a program that is blend of personal training with group training. This program uses RBT-Rest Based Training (station based work followed by rest and based on the person’s limits) in combination with Body Weight Training, Instability Training and Muscle Confusion to get you great results. Each session, you are given a tailored plan of workouts utilizing the most advanced sports training methods and cutting edge personal training techniques. We use Physio-balls, Bosu exercisers, TRX straps, Resistance bands, Super bands, The floor, Step up boxes, Training hurdles, Instability discs, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells and more in the HCF workouts. If you are really committed to getting in great shape, strengthen your core and joints, improving your cardio and burning unwanted fat then this is without a doubt the program for you.  It will make you the best you can be.


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Fat Blast Program

The workouts in this program use all the same equipment used in the GPT sessions but its style is different. It is designed specifically to get your body metabolic. Raising your heart rate to a level to put your body into a position to burn the most fat possible. It includes resistance training and cardio type movements to get the job done. The RBT- Rest Based Training style is used in these sessions so you can rest when needed and still have the ability to push yourself to get the intended results. Effect- tremendous cardio improvements, endurance, overall strength, core strength and fat loss.