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Testimonials – Hard Core Fit



What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?
I hate change and do whatever I can to avoid it.  My girlfriends had been trying to convince me to do a free trial week with Hard-Core Fit for months and I always found an excuse to get out of it.  I finally gave in when I learned about the 6 week challenge, as my weight was out of control and I needed to do something drastic to turn things around.

How did Hard-Core Fit help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?
From the day I started the challenge I knew this was different, and I knew it was going to work for me.  I’d been working out at a gym for several years, and yet the scale always continued to tip in the wrong direction for me.  At HCF, there is 100% accountability with every workout.  I couldn’t anonymously blend in the back of a fitness class.  Dr. Tony was on my every move, ensuring not only that I had proper form but also ensuring that I used the correct weights for my abilities.  He was constantly encouraging me to push a little harder.  The atmosphere at Hard-Core Fit was always so positive that I looked forward to going every day and loved how strong I began to feel in such a short time.  My motivation was unwavering.  Dr. Tony’s passion and knowledge about healthy eating and proper exercise was inspiring.

The results of the challenge have been pretty drastic for me.  Aside from having lost even more weight than I set out to lose – not to mention several inches from my waist and hips – I haven’t felt this healthy in quite some time.  I have always been prone to headaches, so much in fact, that I actually began logging them on a monthly basis.  Now, I can literally count on one hand how many headaches I have had since I started this journey two months ago.  That is huge for me.  I credit the well planned menus that Dr. Tony provided that were not only manageable, but enjoyable too!  I rarely felt hungry in spite of the reduction in calories I was normally accustomed to.  I was able to break my addiction to sugars and carbs and now that I see the improvement in how I feel from this type of clean eating, I am literally afraid to ever go back to my old ways!

Describe Hard-Core Fit in one word.


“Awesome. It worked every part of my body I need for soccer.”
Nicole (17) Award Winning High School Varsity Goalie

“The workout was so fun and fast-paced, I had no time to think about the fact that I was actually getting a great workout.  It was the best work out I have ever had and I have been to many personal trainers and many boot camps.  This by far exceeds them all in every way.” 
Lauren F.  (34) ( Fitness enthusiast)

“This is the program I have been waiting for, more efficient and effective than anything I can do in a gym.”
Ray K. (25) (Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM)

“At 44 years old I physically feel like i am 25 again, thanks to the Hard -Core Fit System.”
Dr.  Tony Riello (44)( HCF Founder )

“As a Varsity Lacrosse player, i was looking for that extra edge and was not finding it in the gym. In just one week my balance,coordination,and strength has greatly improved doing the Hard Core Fit work out.”
Dom D.  (17) (Varsity Lacrosse Player)

“Hard-core fit is an outstanding program. The program helps to build strength and explosiveness, cardio, and core-stability all in one, high-intensity session. Being an athlete training for the Olympic Trials, I need to use a program like this to supplement what I do on the track. It is also set-up to where anyone, at any level of fitness, can get great results.”
Tim Boeni (25)  (Long Jump Olympic hopeful)

     -Atlantic 10 Indoor and Outdoor records holder in long jump
     -2010 indoor USA national championships, 8th place
     -Shore Athletic Club college athlete of the year, 2010
     -Temple University 4x100m record holder, and 2009 and 2010 Most Outstanding Performer”I was never an athlete and became conscious about getting fit only 5 years ago.  My basic routine was 20-30 min. cardio  followed by light weight lifting at the gym.  I never liked working out but have stayed committed with minimal results attempting to slow down my middle aged weight gain ( with no weight loss ).  Dr. Riello explained in detail the Hard Core Fit program but it just seemed simply impossible for someone like me to do well with it.  I did not want to try it, but I finally agreed to give it a chance.  I went to the orientation class to get more familiar with the system, the equipment and the exercises.  Watched a little of an in session class, did the orientation but my fears were not gone.  I still felt it was not for me.  However, Dr. Riello assured me I could go at my own pace so I decided to try the Hard Core Fit class.  Now, after my second class, I have to admit it is actually pretty fun.  It moves you so quickly from exercise to exercise you don’t have a chance to get bored or concentrate on how difficult it is.  It is truly a new way to bring excitement and fun to your workouts with great results as well.  I am happy I tried it and am excited to continue and think about the possibilities as my body continues to respond.”

Maureen (48) (Fitness Beginner)